The Fitzwilliam Institute Difference...

Here, at Fitzwilliam Institute, we know well that all businesses need skilled, professional team members to improve the bottom line. Those seeking a career and up-skillers need a practical skills base to build upon. Graduates without experience can’t start a career, yet they can't get experience without a career opportunity.

With these training needs in mind, we created the world’s first practical skills courses. From our inception in the mid 1980's, we developed the essence training approach using a practical, hands-on methodology.

Continually evolving and improving, we source industry’s top professionals, to deliver our interactive, case-study based courses. Fitzwilliam Institute’s trainers work with winning teams all over the world. They bring practical insights and provide best practices, skills, and cutting edge trends in their relevant industry. They connect our students with the best and the brightest in their chosen industry to help them achieve their career goals and offer them exclusive networking access.

That's why over 95% of our course participants believe achieve their career goals upon completion of our courses, by securing full-time jobs, work promotions and gaining invaluable skills and industry certified qualifications. A significant number of our graduates are senior figures in their industries today.

Our Milestones

  • 1985

    Fitzwilliam Institute opens its doors launching a number of the World's First Practical Skills Training Courses

  • 1990

    The animation industry culminates, and Fitzwilliam Institute creates the only animation courses

  • 1992

    Fitzwilliam Institute launches the Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Services with Arranged Work Experience to train IFSC industry professional, using the practical skills model approach

  • 1994

    Postgraduate Courses in Public Relations with Arranged Work Experience are launched by Fitzwilliam Institute, to cater for the growing industry demand

  • 1995

    Fitzwilliam Institute incorporates computer applications training into all of our courses to get our graduates ahead of the competition

  • 1995

    Fitzwilliam Institute commences its Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations with Arranged Work Experience, to address industry needs

  • 1996

    Fitzwilliam Institute introduces a Travel and Tourism Postgraduate Diploma Course, to fill the huge industry gap

  • 1996

    Postgraduate Courses in Software Development with Arranged Work Experience become part of Fitzwilliam institute’s comprehensive training portfolio, to support industry growth

  • 1997

    Fitzwilliam Institute adds Postgraduate Diploma Courses in Fund Management and Mutual Fund Management, both with Arranged Work Experience, to address the specialist industry demand

  • 1998

    Fitzwilliam Institute provides computerised E-commerce training for Irish Marketing Institute Members

  • 1998

    Fitzwilliam Institute successfully launches corporate, evening Diploma Courses in Public Relations, Diplomas in Advertising, Marketing and PR, to upskill busy working professionals

  • 1999

    Fitzwilliam Institute creates practical skills Postgraduate and Diploma Courses in Web Development, to address the advent of DOT.COM boom

  • 2000

    The first practical skills Postgraduate and Diploma Digital Marketing Courses are launched, becoming some of Fitzwilliam Institute’s most popular courses

  • 2000

    First practical skills courses in Computer Networking with Arranged Work Experience are being launched by Fitzwilliam Institute in response to industry demand

  • 2001

    Fitzwilliam Institute introduces the Postgraduate Diploma in Java Programming with Arranged Work Experience, to cater for industry requirements

  • 2001

    Fitzwilliam Institute introduces practical skills Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma Courses in Event Management.

  • 2003

    Fitzwilliam Institute launches Diploma in Oracle Database Development - evening course, to meet industry demand

  • 2004

    Project Management becomes a “must-have “qualifications. Fitzwilliam Institute launches its top-tier practical skills courses in Project Managementd

  • 2005 -To date

    Fitzwilliam Institute provides a comprehensive range of practical skills courses - in class and online, at diploma and postgraduate diploma levels, to enable global access to successful careers